Diary of an OCD battle

Welcome to my new blog. It’s about OCD, a term that most people have heard of but very few actually understand. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences of OCD over the years with two main aims:

To try to bring some comfort to fellow sufferers and their families, so that you know you’re not alone
To try to raise awareness to non-sufferers about what OCD actually is, to contribute to ending the misconception that it’s quirky and perfectionist habits that most people have

I have thought long and hard about writing a blog: in fact it’s taken me a couple of years to pluck up the courage to do it. My heart’s beating fast even as I write this now! As well as the obvious qualms¬† about publishing my personal experiences, part of my OCD is that I have a massive fear of my actions causing harm to others, so I’m afraid that what I write on here could, for example, cause someone’s OCD to get worse. That’s why I’m including this DISCLAIMER: the thoughts on here are¬† all my own, and any methods that I’ve used to help myself, whether from my own mind or from external sources, will not necessarily work for everyone.

In fact, doing this blog is a form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for me!

I have long term anxiety issues too, which is not unusual as OCD commonly occurs alongside other mental health issues and is in fact a type of anxiety disorder itself. Some posts will include these anxiety issues as well as OCD.

I hope you find this blog interesting, and I hope that some of you will find comfort in it.